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Velva Sheen Pigment Dyed T-Shirts

Velva Sheen, the US sportswear company known for classic athletic apparel, has delivered their Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Included are Teeeeeees!!! 13 to be exact! While known for their tubular knit tees (seam-free torso), their pigment dyed tees are also very popular. We have them in 11 different colours!!

These vintage inspired pigment dyed tees stay true to the brands characterisics as they are cut from an overdyed US cotton and are detailed with a patch pocket to the chest and a classic ribbed crew neckline. The seamless tubular knit construction also adds comfort and longevity. What you may notice is that each of the pigment dyed tees have a worn-in, vintage vibe to them. That's as a result of the pigment dying process (not to be confused with garment dying). What is pigment dying you ask? 

Pigment dying is not really "dyeing" in it's truest form because the pigments stick on the fabric with the help of binders...think of it as more of an overlay process with regards to color saturation. Pigments are insoluble in water. They exist in the form of finely ground molecules, milled for garment dyeing purposes into a paste. When anionic dispersing agents are added, a slightly negative charge is present, thus the foundation for pigment dyeing is born. 

You may not have heard of pigment dying before buy you probably have heard of garment dying. Garment dyeing is achieved by adding the dye to the clothing after the product has been cut and sewn. What's the difference? Pigment dyed fabrics look about 8-10% less colorful than a traditional dyeing process. It’s a weathered, softer shade of the same color. If you were to cut the cotton fiber of this fabric in half, the inside would still appear white, since pigment dyeing only adheres to the surface. Each process has their unique characteristics, but they deliver an equally beautiful product.

    Kestin Hare SS18 "The Leithers " Collection

    The Leithers is the new Spring/Summer 18 collection from Kestin Hare which takes inspiration from the historical Leith docks, its workers and the industries that were based there. Once Scotland’s premier port, Leith has a rich history of maritime activity from merchants and mariners, to shipbuilding and naval training at the Leith Nautical College. 

    Leith’s heritage gives the area a certain character, and one constant throughout the years is the sense of community which is still very much prevalent today. Cheap rents have seen a new wave of designers and creatives moving to the area both to live and work resulting in a fast growing design-led community.

    Garment dyed herringbone cotton, tones of indigo and nautical stripes meet a colour palette of steel blue, navy and grey with highlights of crisp white, stone and greyed-off pink.

    Kestin's Edinburgh flagship, the Cruiser store, situated in the heart of the historic docks was once used to store the equipment for cruisers which went out from Leith. The store fronts Custom Lane, a collaborative centre for design and making which comprises of a gallery, event space, workshop and studios where Hare now houses his design studio.

    Portuguese Flannel SS18 "Passengers" Collection

    The Spring/Summer 2018 collection from Portuguese Flannel, entitled "Passengers", pays tribute to the forgotten railroads of Portugal. 

    “Passengers” | Portuguese Flannel from LE-JOY.

    The collection, now available online and in-store, features playful prints, lighter fabrics and new silhouettes. Returning this season is the Atlantico in an Olive Seersucker. New to the mix is the Cuban (Havana) shirt, in various patterns in both short and long sleeve.



    2017 Holiday Hours

    Wishing you the HAPPIEST OF HOLIDAYS from Muddy George.

    Have a very happy and safe holiday season. 

    December 24: 10 AM - 3 PM
    December 25: Closed
    December 29: 11 AM - 5 PM
    January 1: Closed 

    Regular hours otherwise.

    2017 Holiday Season Suggested Mailing Dates

    If orders are placed by the below dates, they should (but not guaranteed to) arrive to the destinations. See our shipping rates here.

    Within Canada:
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