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New Balance Grey Day 2022

For this year’s annual “Grey Day” celebrations, New Balance pays tribute to the signature colourway the brand is known for and we have a duo of tonal heritage models. The now available “Grey Day” pack includes the 327 and XC-72 silhouettes which are introduced under the campaign moniker “Worn by anyone,” highlighting the versatility and forward-thinking nature of the sneakers.
Leading the collection is the New Balance 327, which was first popularized in 2020 via Charaf Tajer’s Casablanca collaboration. The sneakers arrive in mesh and suede uppers with an oversized metallic silver “N” logo running across the laterals. A widened white geometric midsole and black traction outsoles complete the pairs.
Rounding out the collection is the rugged XC-72 silhouette which draws inspiration from the world racing and concept cars from the ’70s. The streamlined design incorporates a heavily texturized outsole that extends over the mudguard and tire-like overlays across the heel counter.
The two silhouettes feature bright green insoles that indicate their involvement in New Balance’s newly established Green Leaf Standard. The initiative highlights the use of environmentally preferred materials with uppers featuring more than 50 percent recycled or organic materials.
“The goal was to represent the full spectrum of warm and cool greys while incorporating some more sustainable materials,” said NB product manager, Paul Kaseumsouk in a statement. “They’re inspired by the past but not bound by its limitations.”

Momotaro 15 Year Anniversary Collection (+ Fade Pics)

To commemorate fifteen years of dedication to sincere craft and honest labour, MOMOTARO have produced a stellar 15 year anniversary collection, featuring a Type II Jacket and 15.7oz Narrow Tapered Denim. Packed with meticulous details, the MOMOTARO 15th year anniversary collection updates the signature MOMOTARO leather patch with certain design elements, in order to pay homage to their decade and half of working with Selvedge denim.  

Custom milled specifically for this 15th year anniversary collection, the 15.7oz. broken twill denim is MOMOTARO's first foray into the rarest denim twill, not following either the right hand or left hand rules of denim twill construction. Soft right out the box, the unique weave is woven with a right twill and a left twill side by side at a fixed width. This weave method prevents the denim from twisting. Since the uneven thread is used, the whiteness visible on the surface is not constant, so the colour fades uniquely...looking bright blue.

The proprietary Selvedge features a two-tone gold & pink Selvedge ID with custom print jacquard liner on the double pocket flaps and pocket bags. The deerskin leather patch is indigo dyed and features the classic MOMOTARO logo with "15th" in gold foil printing. Gold brass buttons features custom 15th anniversary embossing while each pair will ship with a canvas bag and a custom-made bandana. 


 The fade pictures below are a result of wearing the denim jacket five days a week for six months. Washed twice.


Considered the original Italian sportswear brand, C.P. Company was founded in 1971 by designer Mr. Massimo Osti, internationally recognized as the “godfather of urban sportswear”. Combining science and art to create new fabrications such as Nycra and Chrome, the C.P. labs also use innovative colour-dyeing and re-colouring techniques. 
The final result are pieces of clothing which are easy-to-wear, feeling like you’ve always owned from the moment you first try it on, but at the same time distinctively non-conformist – even ironic – in its details. Look out for the label’s signature goggle hoods on its jackets.
In 1987, Osti used a Japanese Civil Defence piece (from his personal archive) that had two lenses sewn into the fabric at eye level. Osti grew excited about the idea of making a jacket with lenses sewn into the fabric. After some R&D, the first prototype was a four-pocket field jacket, Saharian-style, which featured lenses sewn into an extended collar which later became know as the Explorer Jacket.
Following further research into protective hoods used by the army, C.P. Company created several prototypes over the course of 1987. Anti-gas goods, a new inspiration, gave Osti the idea of moving the lenses from the collar to the hood itself. From this iteration, the iconic Goggle Jacket makes its debut in 1988. The Goggles, and to a similar extent, a single lens, continues to be ever-present on many pieces throughout the collection.
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