Red Wing 8833 - Hawthorne Abilene

Red Wing 8833 - Hawthorne Abilene

Red Wing Heritage comes with some exciting news for the Spring/Summer season. Their best-selling Moc Toe style boot gets a fresh spin for with the release of the 8833 Hawthorne Abilene roughout leather version.

The Red Wing 8833 Hawthorne Abilene is an archival leather that was first introduced by the American footwear brand in 1959. In 1989, it debuted in the Japanese market as a limited edition 6-inch Moc, sold with the Irish Setter branding. The material in this style was hugely popular and has been iconic in Japan ever since. Now, for the very first time, Red Wing Shoes brings it in line and offers it globally.


The special roughout leather on Red Wing's 8833 style is often compared to suede, but there are important differences to note. Suede is made by splitting off the grain, which makes the leather thinner, weaker, and more susceptible to scuffs. In contrast, Red Wing roughout leathers are full-grain, meaning the grain structure remains intact and retains its strength. Roughout leather is often considered to be the most durable due to its naturally water-resistant qualities and easily cleanable surface texture.

"The neat thing about our roughout leather," Red Wing's Global Product Design and Development Manager, said in 2020, when the brand used Abilene leather to make a boot celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Amsterdam store, "is that we use the full grain... When you split out that top grain, you weaken the structure of the leather. [Full grain] gives you a lot of strength and integrity to the leather, and it also gives you a nice feel on your foot, because that top grain [makes it] feel like it is fully leather lined."

This leather type develops a beautiful, worn-in patina over time, making this a boot that can be worn during spring, but easily transition and complement darker fall styles too.

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