Muddy George is an independent, casual contemporary men's clothing retailer that opened its doors in Toronto’s Bloorcourt neighbourhood in 2015 with the desire to provide a carefully selected range of established and emerging brands to our customers.

The brands we carry are designed to outlast trends and have been chosen for their great quality, refined detailing, new ideas and for staying true to what they stand for. We offer brands from all over the world, but are also very proud to carry an extensive list of Canadian brands. The brands stocked have a "made in" focus in which most items are made locally, to their home country (i.e. a brand from Canada is primarily made in Canada). The unifying theme of the brands we carry is that each piece is well made, wearable and timeless. These are the pieces that you wear for years, not just a season or a few months. The items we carry speak for themselves and command a price point that is representative of the quality of the item.

We are committed to forward-thinking fashion while nurturing the awareness and appreciation of goods locally and we aim work with those who reflect our qualities and values.

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