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Collection Review - 18 Waits SS19 - Sounds of Summer

Muddy George - 18 Waits SS19

Country driving with windows rolled down and Born to Run. 
Bare feet in cool grass surrounded by Ladies of the Canyon.
Swimming in a deep lake of Pet Sounds.
Lazing on a breezy dock with the Last Waltz dancing in our ears.
Building a bonfire under the Harvest Moon.

The 18 Waits Spring/Summer 2019 collection is inspired by summer soundtracks. They like to spend these warmer months outside with their shoes off and their favourite people by their side. Neil, Levon, Joni, Tom, JJ, Bob… because the music they listen to is as important as the company they keep.

Hues of sky blues, shades of rocky greys, and earthy naturals were used in this collection to evoke the spirit of the Canadian landscape. These garments reflect what they like to think their musical heroes of decades past were wearing while they dreamt up their songs of the summer.

Introducing Novesta

Novesta's production facilities date back to the 1930s, when the famous shoemaker Jan Antonin Bata opened a new factory in the small town of Partizánske in the middle of Slovakia. Over the time, Novesta has become one of the last purely European produced brands throughout Europe. Novesta’s unique sneakers, which pair imaginative design with timeless sophistication, are recognizable around the world.

For Novesta, quality design refers to more than fashion. They are dedicated to manufacturing shoes according to the highest environmental standards. That’s why they use materials such as natural rubber and 100% cotton and linen. These materials allow them to produce ecological footwear of the highest quality. Novesta uses only certified materials. The natural rubber sole is machine-pressed onto the body of the shoe. The shoe is then finished by precise manual work completed by skilled craftsmen. This ethnical and ecological process results in tire marks around the outsole – Novesta’s trademark look!

The signature shoe of the Novesta brand, the Star Master still carries the unmistakable chunky sole and vulcanization marks that guarantee a true Novesta shoe that can withstand the hardest challenges. Star Master originates from military sports shoes which were produced for half a century in Slovakia and combine comfort with a rugged determination. Every pair is handmade from the finest natural rubber and canvases. The style is recognizable anywhere in the world. The shoe carries the signature ‘Trampky’ logo which marks each pair as a descendant of the true Slovakian people’s shoe. The easily identified silhouette is a true European classic and one of the continent’s most enduring sneaker shapes.

Collection Review - Kestin Hare SS19 - A Summer On Speyside

The new SS19 collection from Kestin Hare, A Summer on Speyside, tells the story of childhood summer holidays spent around this unspoilt area in North East Scotland which is known for its world famous whisky distilleries and fly fishing.

The Scottish countryside-inspired collection is focused on functionality using water resistant fabrics and details influenced by golfing and fishing attire. The colour palette is made up of soft tones of golden sand, peat, grass green and navy with deckchair stripes and rip stop nylons. Illustrated thistle and abstract whisky cask prints on technical fabrics challenge the preconceptions of traditional Scottish design.


picture c/o @anthonyylee_

Kestin Hare has developed a Limited Edition collection with references drawn from the Ben Riach Whisky Distillery. Hare has teamed up with Scottish mill, Halley Stevensons, to develop traditional peat dyed and garment dyed products, referencing the three classic distillations and unique colours of aged Ben Riach whisky.


“Lazy days with nothing much to do apart from outdoor adventures and fly fishing with my dad on some of the finest beats on the River Spey. Speyside is filled with epic scenery and world-famous whisky distilleries. I wanted to bring in those functional elements of country attire but update them and make clothes that you can wear every day. We shot the campaign up at the BenRiach Distillery, the copper stills, the mash tuns, the warehouses with all the casks - it was an amazing experience. Bringing the whisky element into the collection made so much sense to me, it’s all about weaving in the references and challenging the preconceptions of Scottish design."

Kestin Hare – Founder and Creative Director

Collection Review - BREDA SS19 - Kinship

The BREDA Spring 2019 collection takes a modern approach to classic characteristics, an ode to the items that travel through generations while making way for new pieces to be cherished. The Kinship collectionis meant to evoke the quality and sentiment of the heriloom, allowing us to fell connection to another time.

"In a time where the world often feels disconnected or divided, I continue to seek ideas that bring people together and find comfort in making connections in a real human way. When exploring the concept for this collection I wanted to show uncomplicated love within friendship, within family. As it can be difficult to find a comfortable place and a clear voice in such a rapidly changing environment, I wanted to speak to the things that help us navigate what truly matters underneath all of the chaos. The little reminders we live with - a shared curl of a smile I carry from my mom, the occasional cackle laugh adopted from my aunt. Sometimes we find it in the items we hang on to, it's a handkerchief that still holds the scent of perfume, the handwritten letters on a leafy paper, the gold watch with soft warm leather. To me, the Kinship collection is an ode to the things that hold our history and our memories. Capturing an elemnts or a feeling from the totems that tether and tie us to another time."

- Kendall Falcon, Creative Director, BREDA

Introducing Colorful Standard

In our continuous journey to find well made, wearable and timeless clothing, we proudly introduce Colorful StandardA brand built from organic roots and sustainable practices, Colorful Standard is a Danish brand that embarks on producing high-quality essentials for every day. This company is conscious clean, priding themselves on using the finest certified organic cotton and Italian wool, manufactured in Portugal under European guidelines. The range consists of wardrobe necessities in classic and seasonal hues, all expertly coloured and crafted with style and functionality in mind. Cherry on the cake: they donate 5% of their proceeds to charity.

All of their clothing garments are made from 100% Organic cotton. Their Cotton is grown without genetically modified seeds and that apart from being certified organic, it is grown by humans that are treated like humans. That means fair wages, no discrimination, and freely chosen employment. Their accessories (which we'll have in the Fall) are made from 100% Italian merino wool licensed by The Woolmark Company and have furthermore been checked successfully by a comprehensive and strict human test system criteria.

In addition to their great fabrics, all garments have been pre-washed, so they do not shrink when washed. They work under the European guidelines for best practice production and work environment (more on this below). Countless of hours and customer feedback has gone into the development of their products ensuring a perfect fit. All of their organic cotton products are garment dyed. Garment dying is a dyeing process performed on finished garments – the colour is added to the style after it has been cut and sewn to gain and extra deep and lively feeling to the fabric. 

They make essential basics for your wardrobe. They have spent countless hours to find the best materials to develop garments that will last for years. All of their products are made in Portugal. They work under the European Union Labour Law - which focuses on working and employment condition, and informing and consulting workers. They are so confident in the way they work, they want to make a standing invitation for everyone to come visit the factory and see where the products are made. You're welcome any time - RTG TEXTILES.