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Pocket T-Shirt - Dark Blue Grey

Pocket T-Shirt - Dark Blue Grey

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This T-shirt was made primarily from USA cotton produced along the Mississippi River Basin. Using a method known as air spinning, the material is made by spinning cotton thread with a variable width of between 13mm–33mm. This spinning method creates a rough feel and unique crispy texture, since the torque on the outside of the yarn is strong and the inside is weak. The double stitch, the shape of the pocket mouth and the large size are typical details of Baseball uniforms from the 1890s. The design on the bottom of the pocket is a special specification that adds to reduce sweat from moistening the inside of the pocket. The ribbed neckline has also been changed to a polyurethane-blend binding that offers greater elasticity and prevents stretching when putting on and taking off the shirt. This new Pocket T-Shirt is easier to wear and more durable than before.

  • US Cotton Jersey
  • Regular fit
  • Front pocket
  • Flat-lock seams throughout
  • Ribbed collar
  • Product no. JM5327
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Japan 

Note, this item is offered in Dark Blue Grey (Photo 1). The other photos are only intended to present the model.

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