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Red Wing

Lined Buckskin Leather Gloves - Brown

Lined Buckskin Leather Gloves - Brown

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Red Wing Lined Buckskin Gloves are cold weather gloves that keep warm hands while working during the winter and stand out as smart style. They are made in the USA with the same purposeful design and construction that makes Red Wing footwear distinctive and durable. 40g of Thinsulate lining insulates hands, and strong yet supple leather fits comfortably and molds to hands over time. A reinforced palm stands up to regular use and extends the life of the gloves. Precision stitching techniques add to the gloves’ sleek appearance and further bolsters durability. The Gunn Cut palm pattern for an improved grip along with the Key Stone thumb assembly creates a natural fit and mobility throughout the glove.

  • 3.25 oz. chrome tanned Deerskin leather outer
  • 40g Thinsulate lining insulation
  • Reinforced leather palm patch
  • Gunn Cut palm pattern
  • Key Stone thumb assembly
  • Elasticated cuff to keep cold air out
  • Model 95230
  • Made in USA

    Sizing: Circumference is measured around your palm at its widest point. Length is measured from your wrist to the tip of your middle finger.

    • Medium Circumference : 20 cm - 22 cm; Medium Length: 24 cm
    • Large Circumference: 22 cm - 25 cm, Large Length: 25 cm
    • Extra Large Circumference: 25 cm - 27.5 cm, Large Length: 26 cm
    Gloves are designed to have an extra 1/4 inch at the fingertip. This will allow warm air to circulate around your fingers and will also provide maximum dexterity.
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