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The thinking behind MOMOTARO can be summed up with their own maxim - 'Made by hand without compromise'. Founded in the birthplace of Japanese denim, Kojima, Okayama in 2006, their attention to construction, detail and dedication to quality has seen them go from strength to strength. As part of Collect mill and fabric provider, MOMOTARO has access to the absolute best in Japanese fabrics and this shows up in every single piece they make.

Named after a popular Japanese folktale, 'Momotaro' or "Peach Boy', is a Japanese fable for adults passed down through generations. In the legend, Momotaro is the name of a small boy born from a giant peach who descends to Earth to be the son of an elderly couple. The boy rejuvenates the old couple, making them feel young again, and encouraging them to follow their dreams. In the same vein, the birth of Momotaro represents the dreams of a small island nation to expand and cross the vast oceans.

As a brand, MOMOTARO are bring this to life with garments that transcend passing fads and fashions but always retain style and are recognized worldwide as being of superior quality and material - and you'll find a nod to the folktale throughout their denim, including Pink selvedge ID and stitching, representing the peach from the Momotaro folklore story. Another (perhaps not so subtle) unique signature are two white stripes across the back pocket on the denim, a reference to the brands Japanese roots and a nod to the Samurai of the Edo period.

For it's denim, MOMOTARO uses Zimbabwe cotton which is known as the highest quality in the world. It combines flexibility with excellent dye-ability, and because machines are never used and harvesting is done solely by hand, the cotton can be harvested with less damage and fewer impurities, featuring excellent whiteness, a highly uniform fabric, and a rich sheen and softness to it. Once picked, the cotton gets dyed. Indigo dye has properties that make it so unstable that it is often called “creature”. However, through extensive research, testing and strong relationships with factories, MOMOTARO is able to develop original indigo colors specific for their jeans.

Selvedge denim, known for its clean edge that is thought to be superior in durability because the ends of the fabric are woven together and won't fray, is indispensable in the denim industry. By weaving the denim at low speeds on vintage machines called, shuttle loom, MOMOTARO achieves high quality denim with planned irregularities that give their denim character. 


Take a look at the below video for a full run through of how MOMOTARO makes their jeans.

Summer Looks vol 1


PALLET LIFE STORY Raw Narrow Denim - 15oz Indigo Selvedge 
VETRA Workwear Chore Jacket - Poplin Admiral Blue
BON VIVANT Gino Dyed Dobby Plaid - Navy/Light Blue
NEW BALANCE M990AE5 Made in the USA - Olive Green



NEW BALANCE Essentials Stacked Logo Short - Athletic Grey
VEJA V-10 Leather - Extra White/Nautico/Pekin
COLORFUL STANDARD Classic Organic Hoodie - Kelly Green
COLORFUL STANDARD Classic Organic T-Shirt - Sunny Orange

PORTUGUESE FLANNEL Saint Martin S/S Vacation Shirt - Purple Stripe
DANTON Nylon Taffeta Shorts - Navy
NOVESTA Star Master Mono - Navy
BON VIVANT Stevie Merino Tee - Purple
BATTENWEAR Eitherway Convertible Backpack - Ranger/Olive

Introducing Pallet Life Story

New for Spring/Summer 2020, we introduce Pallet Life Story. Hailing from the mecca of Japanese denim, Kojima, Okayama, Pallet Life Story crafts garments with deep rooted Japanese high quality garment manufacturing traditions.

Everything is made in their own factories in Kojima, from the highest level of Japanese craftsmanship and quality. Known as a factory brand, the factory produces for hundreds of other Japanese denim brands.

Inspiration derives from a wide array of 50's and 60's sportswear, workwear and military wear. Together with Director Yoshiniro Hasuoka and designer Takeshi Inoue, Pallet Life Story strives to create classic wardrobe staples inspired by the past but applicable to modern day life.