Introducing Japan Blue

Introducing Japan Blue

Japan Blue is the house brand from The Japan Blue Group. The label was started in 2010 with the purpose of providing jeans with clean, modern silhouettes using high quality original denim fabric. The weaving, dying and sewing are all done in-house, by skilled craftsmen and the jeans reflect the lives of the people.


The Japan Blue Group was founded in 2005 and is comprised of various companies that represent different parts of the denim production process. Collect is the famous denim mill and fabric supplier; Rampuya is the dyeing division; and Japan Blue and Momotaro Jeans are the denim brands comprised of the components that Collect and Rampuya produce. As a whole, Japan Blue has a philosophy that focuses on providing quality goods that combine old-world craftsmanship with modern designs rather than profits.


Creating the best jeans means creating the best material. Japan Blue spends most of its time developing and creating materials, because, as they believe, the material is a key factor to determine the quality of jeans. By selecting and spinning cotton, dying the yarn and weaving the fabric, one can create thousands of variations of fabric using just these four processes. Japan Blue considers all four processes when creating their jeans and creates a fabric best suited to the times. Designs and silhouettes are kept simple yet contemporary. Japan Blue would rather you focus on the material and how they develop over time.


We've got three different silhouettes, including Japan Blue's most popular Tapered cut as well as the Hi-Tapered cut, which gives way for bigger thighs, and larger glutes, but does not sacrifice on the narrow hem. Finally we have the Tight Straight cut, which is tight above the thighs and the overall narrowness of the cut is Japan Blue's second narrowest cut. 

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