Momotaro 15 Year Anniversary Collection (+ Fade Pics)

Momotaro 15 Year Anniversary Collection (+ Fade Pics)

To commemorate fifteen years of dedication to sincere craft and honest labour, MOMOTARO have produced a stellar 15 year anniversary collection, featuring a Type II Jacket and 15.7oz Narrow Tapered Denim. Packed with meticulous details, the MOMOTARO 15th year anniversary collection updates the signature MOMOTARO leather patch with certain design elements, in order to pay homage to their decade and half of working with Selvedge denim.  

Custom milled specifically for this 15th year anniversary collection, the 15.7oz. broken twill denim is MOMOTARO's first foray into the rarest denim twill, not following either the right hand or left hand rules of denim twill construction. Soft right out the box, the unique weave is woven with a right twill and a left twill side by side at a fixed width. This weave method prevents the denim from twisting. Since the uneven thread is used, the whiteness visible on the surface is not constant, so the colour fades uniquely...looking bright blue.

The proprietary Selvedge features a two-tone gold & pink Selvedge ID with custom print jacquard liner on the double pocket flaps and pocket bags. The deerskin leather patch is indigo dyed and features the classic MOMOTARO logo with "15th" in gold foil printing. Gold brass buttons features custom 15th anniversary embossing while each pair will ship with a canvas bag and a custom-made bandana. 


 The fade pictures below are a result of wearing the denim jacket five days a week for six months. Washed twice.

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