Valentines Day Guy-de

Valentines Day Guy-de

Whether it’s a Valentine’s dinner, a special anniversary or you’re finally meeting someone you’ve been chatting up on a dating site, chances are how you look is going to be at the forefront of your mind. You certainly won’t want a rogue spot or bad breath to let you down or knock your confidence. So here are a few points to keep in mind to help ensure that, when it comes to that special day, you’re always perfect…

Sanitary! I mean, this is a given isn't it?! We're not going to get into the whole thing about what causes bad breath but you should be brushing and flossing regularly. Luckily we carry Marvis toothpaste, which is one of those toothpastes that tastes and smells great at the same time. They suggest using it after every meal as to maintain a fresh breath throughout the day. It has a gentle fluoride-based formula which cleans and conditions your teeth. Cinnamon Mint would be our go to for Valentines Day.

Scruffy! Attitudes towards beards have changed massively in the last few years as their popularity has – like the whisker themselves – grown. But while women have warmed to them as style statements, many still have concerns about their itchiness and cleanliness. To make sure these beard-related fears don’t come between you and your date, simply practice a little basic beard hygiene. For starters, keep your beard clean and fresh by washing with a beard wash. Then, keep the hair soft and nourished with a little beard balm.

Smells! Forget what you know about perfumes – Laboratory Perfumes is all about the anti-fragrance. Suitable for any gender, their scents are inspired by the natural flowers, herbs and aromatic botanicals of Britain and beyond. Notes include Citrus, Cardamom and coconut as well as Juniper Berries, Veviter and Oak Moss. Staying with scents, given that daylight is scarce, instead of flicking on the light, try lighting a candle. If you're looking for something that not only smells good, but looks good on your mantlepiece, try the Brennan Michael candles and/or Diffusers. Candles make the home more inviting so whether you want your pad to smell of citrus, wood or jasmine, one of his five scents will have you captivated.

Style! You've secured your reservation, gotten the perfect gift, now what the hell are you going to wear? It’s surprisingly easy to leave this important aspect of a Valentine’s date to the last minute, but it’s worth bearing in mind that failing to dress for the occasion is not doing yourself justice. Whether you have a dinner date, movie date, day date or home date, keep your outfit relaxed but presentable. If you're going the chino and blazer route, try these slim-fit chinos from Bon Vivant. If you want to add a little formality to mark the occasion, consider introducing some neckwear from Cursor & Thread. Taking things a little more casual, start off with a solid pair of winter-weight fabric trousers such as the Outclass Wool Cargo Pant or a heavy pair of indigo selvedge jeans. Build on your base with a cotton, plaid or flannel button-down shirt and a knit to ward off the chill then polish your look off with a pair of smart boots in brown/black. Reminder, your aim here is to appear well-dressed and attractive, not upstage your date and make them feel uncomfortable.

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