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Corduroy Is So Hot Right Now!

There are two kinds of men who wear cords. There’s your dad, or your granddad, with too-big trousers puddling on their shoes. Then there’s the likes of Ryan Gosling or Wes Anderson – men who embrace depth in their wardrobes, as in their art. Corduroy is one of the most underutilized materials in men’s style and, if worn correctly, can make for an indispensable piece of clothing.


Cord is a textile composed of woven, twisted cotton or wool, resulting in parallel lines (called ‘wales’). Wool corduroy is the most durable type and wears particularly well. So cord trousers will withstand a fair bit of rough and tumble. The Indiana Jones of legwear, if you will. They can get a bit warm, though, so it’s best to save them for when the cold starts to bite.

Contrary to its sometimes stuffy connotations, corduroy is brilliant when dressed down and worn casually. Try teaming a pair of dark corduroy trousers with a sweatshirt and practical leather sneakers. The beauty of cords is that you can go as jazzy or discreet as you like, but they’re never boring.

Cord Shirt: A corduroy shirt can be just the piece to add some texture to your wardrobe. Styling your new shirt is a walk in the park too, thankfully. Team a cord shirt with dark denim and boots for Western-inspired styling or (use it to) update your 9-5 wardrobe; they pair nicely with tailored trousers and smart brogues.

Cord Waistcoat/Vest: A corduroy waistcoat should channel the suaveness of James Bond rather than the geekiness of a geography teacher. Adopt a vintage aesthetic but make it slightly modern. For colour think browns  or blues and then finish your look with knitwear layered beneath your waistcoat in a tonal variation of your waistcoat's shade.

Cord Pants: When it comes to styling, treat corduroy  trousers as if they were patterned: best worn with quieter wardrobe staples to keep things calm. And don’t think that corduroy trousers must be brown. There are a plethora of colour options out there which are all easy to wear.

Cord Jacket: Thanks to a wealth of modern cuts and colourways, a corduroy jacket has zero geek vibes when you get it right. It’s not all about looks though, a cord jacket is actually good at keeping you warm (who’d have thought?) so your mom will love it too. Versatility is another of the corduroy jacket’s strong suits. A knit’s always a winner. Pair with a crew or turtleneck underneath, then go for a less textured pair of trousers or jeans to complement the jacket. Finish with a pair of leather boots or runners for a more casual look.

Introducing Country of Origin

Since 2014 up-and-coming British knitwear brand Country of Origin has sought to be “an antidote to fast fashion” by producing high quality lambswool sweaters and accessories using old-fashioned production methods. They use exceptionally high quality lambswool; all of their knitwear is fully fashioned. This is the traditional method of making knitwear and is dying out, in favour of cheaper quality goods.They do so from a small strip of land between two train tracks in South London. 


Its dedication to timelessness and durability are apparent in its signature looks, which include sturdy colour-blocked crew necks with eye-catching but not overwhelming pops of bright red, blue or yellow. Attention to detail is what the brand is best known for. They make all their knitted goods in-house. Brands usually outsource that to factories, and in their experience, it’s impossible to maintain the quality levels they strive for. Compared to pure wool (which is made from sweeping up the remains of other batches), lambswool is a much higher grade of wool - softer handle and more durable. 


Like everything at Muddy George, Country of Origin knitwear has a life beyond one particular season, and is intended to last the wearer for years, both physically and aesthetically. Their design decisions are informed by timeless style rather than the traditional heritage look. As co-founder and creative designer Ben Taylor puts it, “because we make everything ourselves, Country of Origin is about provenance. It's this intersection between the traditional methods of how to make knitwear and contemporary design.”

Winter Essentials

The temperature is hovering around 0 degrees, the days are getting shorter, and it won’t be much longer before we’re three feet deep in snow and slush. But you’re probably not too worried because you have a parka? Well here are a few other items to get your through those cold and wet days ahead.

Muttonhead Waterproof Camping Hoodie - This shop favourite is lined with a super soft fleece so not only will it keep you dry, it will keep you warm too. This can be worn as a jacket on those warmer fall days but also doubles as a great layering piece in the winter, under your parka.

Woolfell Warrior Backpack & Messenger Bag - There are going to be instances when you’re stuck outside, probably during your daily commute to work or school. In order to protect all of your supplies and devices from the elements, you’re going to need a durable, weatherproof bag. Montreal's Woolfell uses a 10 oz. waterproof cotton canvas on their bags, including the Warrior Backpack and Messenger Bag.


Upstate Stock Beanie - Ragg wool is naturally water repellent and wicks snow away. And wouldn't you know it, the beanies (and gloves/mittens) from Upstate Stock are made of heavy weight  double layer ragg wool. 

Steele & Co. Face Cream - The dry climates that come with the winter blasts can really mess with your skin, causing it to dry out, crack, and just look flat-out bad. Available in two scents (Frankincense and Rosewood), the Steele & Co. face cream uses a base of Vitamin C Esters, Vitamin E, and organic extracts to create a moisturizer that helps resist the wear and tear that your skin is exposed to during the dry winter days.

Brennan Michael Scented Candle - There will be those days when it's just to cold to go outside. All you want to do is stay home, wrap yourself in a blanket and watch TV. While you might be able to stay at home, you still might have to get work done. Boost your productivity with strong, pleasing aromas while you work or relax with friends. Available in four scents.