New Community Park & Arts Hub Coming to Bloor

New Community Park & Arts Hub Coming to Bloor

Bloordale/Bloorcourt is getting a new large-scale development at the corner of Dufferin and Bloor. Bloor & Dufferin, a new development from Capital Developments and Metropia, is set to reshape a site that's currently home to defunct public schools Kent School and Bloor Collegiate. According to the early plans, Kent School, which has been around since 1908, would be refurbished to serve as a community arts hub. Right now, plans call for a space that's up to 30,000 square feet - but not guaranteed by the developer =(. Bloor Collegiate will be demolished to make way for the mixed use development.

Surrounding these community amenities would be a series of condos with retail at grade. While it's common to include retail at the bottom of residential towers, the architects and planners envision greater integration via the creation of two new streets. Extending from Bloor Street to Croatia Street, this thoroughfare will serve as the grand promenade of the community and add a new midblock connection. Lined with wide sidewalks and an activity zone, the High Street will invite shops, cafes and attractions to spill out toward the street. 

The community park will compliment the existing neighbourhood by adding a partly hardscaped urban gathering space. The park will be a bustling, year-round destination designed to support activities throughout all four seasons, including markets, events and festivals. The park’s southern exposure will maximize sunlight while its flexible design combining both plaza and greenspace will accommodate for a variety of high and low-energy activities.

Public consultations for this project have just begun, so plenty can change before there are shovels in the ground, but right now the concept plans promise an exciting revamp of a site that's currently just a black hole in a vibrant neighbourhood.


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