Kestin Hare FW18 "Shelter" Collection

Kestin Hare FW18 "Shelter" Collection

Kestin Hare’s Fall Winter 2018 collection titled “Shelter” draws inspiration from the modern day Bothy (a remote highland refuge) culture seen developing over recent years in the Scottish Highlands and Islands. 

Taking advantage of more relaxed planning laws in the outdoors, architects have been able to redevelop the traditional basic stone Bothies with conceptual structures. Inspired by local building techniques and materials, designs are turned on their head by introducing contemporary elements of steel and glass and the use of bold highlight colours.

Hare’s new collection mirrors this approach, subverting traditional outdoor clothing and making it modern - demonstrated by taking the iconic Scottish Fair Isle Knit and literally turning it inside out, resulting in a softer, more refined finish. The collection’s tonal palette of organic moss and peat tones is mixed with steel and highlights of orange and rust.

The campaign features Richard Biedul and was shot at the Timber House on the Isle of Skye with Richard Gaston, author of the Wild Guide to Scotland and noted for his work championing the great Scottish outdoors.

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