Introducing STILL BY HAND

Introducing STILL BY HAND

STILL BY HAND - as its name suggests - is a brand that prides itself on the handmade nature of its products. Projecting a unique, minimalist aesthetic, STILL BY HAND'S garments are understated and versatile enough to fit seamlessly into any wardrobe, but on closer inspection are elevated by their meticulous details.


Founded in 2009 by designer Yusuke Yanagi, STILL BY HAND grounds itself in the belief that garments are born out of the hands of the artisans who make them. Yanagi desires to produce clothing that gives the customer a sense of the craftsmanship and ingenuity of a garment as soon as they put it on.


This idea manifests itself in both where and how STILL BY HAND makes its clothing: designed and produced in Japan, the collection makes use of a combination of traditional and technical textiles, from textured wools to ThinsulateTM Ex-Soft Insulated fabric, as well as unusual details, such as a perforated seams on a knit sweater or the quilting on a vest.


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