Introducing Fracap

Introducing Fracap

Fracap is a new brand to the shop for FW18 and we are thrilled to be able to offer these gorgeous boots to Canada. Family owned and operated, we've brought in two different models of the brands classic “Magnifico” model, which dates back to 1948. Now renamed the Fracap M120 & M127 respectively, the essence of these very special boots are enhanced as they have been specially designed in conjunction with us here at Muddy George based on our specifications!


The original Magnifico boot was designed by Alfredo Cappello, the current generations father and nephew of the founder of the company Antonio, who started the company in 1908. Alfredo started from the idea of creating a durable and comfortable boot to be used both on the mountains and in everyday life. So he created a style that mixes an extraordinary simplicity. When their mother saw the final version of the boot she said: “magnifico”. That’s why their father decided to name it Magnifico.

Fracap is based in a small town in Puglia, Italy called Monteroni di Lecce (ironically the heel of Italy).This is where Antonio started the factory and they have never moved. In the early 20th century, Monteroni was called "scarpa pulita" (clean shoe) as many show artisans were setting up shop there. 



Fracap selects only the best Italian vegetable tanned leather for their boots. Each boot is made from one large piece of leather, that’s why the process is still handmade using the same mold as that their father did before them. Michele and Antonio Cappello repeat this process everyday for each pair that comes out from the factory. They use leather for the lining and Italian “Vero Cuoio” for the insole. They are made of calf leather only, in order to allow the most natural perspiration to your feet.


Military Structure: Fracap uses the same mold that had been once designed for the Italian army. This means giving the boots the best comfort while keeping the Italian charm.

Milled Outsole: Each outsole is milled by Antonio and Michele to give the final shape to the boots. This is one of the most delicate steps in boot making and Antonio and Michele lean on a combined experience of over 40 years to get it done. This is why they can still handcraft this process - since outsoles are gloved to the midsole, they can easily resole the boots every time you need.


Ideal Stitching: This technique of stitching the top part of the boots to the midsole is used for military boots. It ensure strength and durability. This technique provides an immediate comfort to your feet since the internal part of the boots are softer.

Finishing: The last part is the one they love the most. They wax each pair of boots to give that special natural shining surface that they like. Each boot includes an added pair of red laces, as well as leather conditioner, a cleaning brush and additional insoles.

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