Introducing Colorful Standard

Introducing Colorful Standard

In our continuous journey to find well made, wearable and timeless clothing, we proudly introduce Colorful StandardA brand built from organic roots and sustainable practices, Colorful Standard is a Danish brand that embarks on producing high-quality essentials for every day. This company is conscious clean, priding themselves on using the finest certified organic cotton and Italian wool, manufactured in Portugal under European guidelines. The range consists of wardrobe necessities in classic and seasonal hues, all expertly coloured and crafted with style and functionality in mind. Cherry on the cake: they donate 5% of their proceeds to charity.

All of their clothing garments are made from 100% Organic cotton. Their Cotton is grown without genetically modified seeds and that apart from being certified organic, it is grown by humans that are treated like humans. That means fair wages, no discrimination, and freely chosen employment. Their accessories (which we'll have in the Fall) are made from 100% Italian merino wool licensed by The Woolmark Company and have furthermore been checked successfully by a comprehensive and strict human test system criteria.

In addition to their great fabrics, all garments have been pre-washed, so they do not shrink when washed. They work under the European guidelines for best practice production and work environment (more on this below). Countless of hours and customer feedback has gone into the development of their products ensuring a perfect fit. All of their organic cotton products are garment dyed. Garment dying is a dyeing process performed on finished garments – the colour is added to the style after it has been cut and sewn to gain and extra deep and lively feeling to the fabric. 

They make essential basics for your wardrobe. They have spent countless hours to find the best materials to develop garments that will last for years. All of their products are made in Portugal. They work under the European Union Labour Law - which focuses on working and employment condition, and informing and consulting workers. They are so confident in the way they work, they want to make a standing invitation for everyone to come visit the factory and see where the products are made. You're welcome any time - RTG TEXTILES.

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