George Gets Curious - Dangerfield

George Gets Curious - Dangerfield

We've brought in a number of new brands this season to Muddy George. Each has their own styling cues, characteristics and beliefs that define them as a brand and collection. Some of the brands you may have heard of, as their a bit more well known. But one brand we certainly didn't know much about before he strolled into the shop to show us the collection (travelling salesman style) was Dangerfield, from Victoria, BC, Canada. Helmed by Alex Davies, Dangerfield aspires to create pieces that last both physically and aesthetically. We've received our fall shipment and we recently spoke with Alex about his collection, living in Victoria and eating pizza.

First things first, tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m 23, and Graduated from UVic last year majoring in Economics. I’ve been running Dangerfield for about 4 years now.

Cats or Dogs?
Dogs, I don’t trust cat people.
Why did you start Dangerfield?
I just started to make pieces for myself and after people wanted their own, a few boutiques wanted to stock the brand. Not being able to find clothes that I really loved or would wear everyday inspired me to make that first piece. If you’re also really interested in an industry but can’t get hired anywhere, the best thing you can do is start something yourself.
Have you ever cried while watching a movie? If yes, which was your first one?
Hahah I don’t think so, at least not that I can remember.


What’s the biggest inspiration for the collection?
Whereas some designers might build a collection around a certain theme or idea, the collections I’ve put out so far have been more practical than anything. Each piece has been centered around the concept of well made, versatile pieces that don’t have a very specific demographic. I think in the future, it would be interesting to see how our customers react to having the choice of those classic seasonal pieces as well as collections inspired by something much more specific.
What’s your favourite place to grab a bite to eat in Victoria?
Lately I’ve been going to Fiamo a lot, good vibes and a great bar next door (Lucky). I’m down for pizza any day. 
What's the first thing that comes to mind to describe your personal style?
Uniform. People make fun of me all the time for almost always wearing the same thing. I also think subtlety is key; wearing those pieces that you enjoy the most especially if it means no one knows what brand you’re rocking.

What types of vacations do you prefer?
Relaxing on the beach, don’t take me on a hike. If I want to get a workout in, I’ll go to New York.

What’s up next for Dangerfield?
We’ve really been working on locking down our supply chain. I think now that it’s at a place I’m happy with, I can really start to explore some different creative avenues which is really the main reason why I wanted to work in this industry. In time for the next Fall buying season, I’d like to have tons of different outerwear options as well as a full line of accessories.
How many pillows do you sleep with? Thick or thin pillows?
A couple hahaha. Gotta be thick too. We aren’t camping so why would you choose otherwise?

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