Collection Review - Portuguese Flannel SS20 - Newcomer

Collection Review - Portuguese Flannel SS20 - Newcomer

Portuguese Flannel's SS20 collection pays homage to all the Portuguese immigrants and their descendants, who, we are very proud and grateful for having taken Portugal further and have generally given a great example of integration and respect for the cultures of the countries to where they went.

The Portuguese, from an early date, played an important role in the worlds current chapter of globalization and multiculturalism. They have a tradition of traveling to other cultures and places, to join other societies and are proud of doing it in a healthy way (adapting to these different cultures, but also, without forgetting our roots and legacy).

Particularly in the last 60 years, The Portuguese have seen a strong push of immigrants to several countries where they went in search of a better life. France was one of the countries that most of the Portuguese choose to go. The French society welcomed them and received them in a very friendly and respectful way. Very poor people went to a place that they hardly had heard of. But, they settled down, created bonds, established themselves in several locations, worked very hard and built their communities always side by side with the existing communities.

Nowadays, there are luso-descended from the third generations - young people completely integrated in the French society, playing the most diverse roles in the most different areas (art, fashion, construction, commerce, science, health, cleaning, cooking, only to name a few).


The Magalhães brothers express their deepest recognition and gratitude for all the brave Immigrants around the world.  

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