Collection Review - Albam FW19

Collection Review - Albam FW19

Albam returns for a second season and the FW19 range is built around a collection of classic menswear styles that were originally designed to function in a particular way, or for a defined activity, but have stood the test of time and have found a relevance in today’s market.

Heavyweight rugby shirts inspired by the school rugby tops of the ’70’s, multi-pocket British Army parka’s, fleece liner jackets that were originally designed for the RAF, fleece trimmed deck jackets based on the US navy original….All updated with contemporary silhouettes and fabrics to create pieces that are right for now, but that will stand the test of time like the classics that inspired them.

Fabrics range from English wools woven in Lancashire, to specialist wax fabrics finished in Dundee, through to heavyweight jerseys and luxury cotton drills.

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