George Gets Curious - Outclass Attire

George Gets Curious - Outclass Attire

After our first George Gets Curious (GGC), we're back at it again. Keeping things a bit more local this time, we spoke with Toronto designer Matteo Sgaramella of Outclass Attire. Quality has always been a priority for Matteo and that’s why Outclass places such great importance on how each piece is constructed. Read up on Matteo's evolution from skateboarder to designer and his love of goats (milk soap), and click here to shop the latest collection from Outclass.

Outclass Attire Leather Patches

First things first, tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am an Italian-Canadian, born and raised in Toronto’s Corso Italia. I started off as a skateboarder in elementary school, which lead to being a graffiti artist in high school, which lead to studying graphic design in university, which lead to starting my own clothing brand.

Potatoes…baked, mashed, scalloped, French fried, roasted?

MMMM. scalloped.

Why did you start Outclass Attire?

I had to come up with a year long project in my thesis year of university and I decided to create a lifestyle brand. I didn’t want the entire year of work to become a waste so I decided to choose a project that I would want to pursue after graduation.

Funnel Cake or Churro?

Churro for sure.

What’s the biggest inspiration for your line?

I would say Italian culture and passion for quality. I don’t think I would care so much about how things are made if I wasn’t exposed to high end design and manufacturing as a kid growing up. I have been lucky enough to visit Italy many times in my life and my experiences there have really shaped my passion for quality and design.

Liquid or bar soap?

Bar. Goats milk soap all day.

What (if any) other creative hobbies do you have?

Drawing is still a passion of mine. Nothing too crazy, usually just doodling while I’m on the phone or procrastinating.

Have you ever been on TV? If yes, elaborate.

Ahah, yes I have. After our fashion show for Toronto Fashion Week I was interviewed and was on City TV. My 1 minute of fame!

What’s up next for Outclass?

We are launching some really exciting things for the upcoming seasons, including an althletic program of sweats, Italian made footwear and innovative new outerwear styles. Each season we like to introduce something new and exciting so be sure to keep an eye out!

What’s your favourite pizza topping?

Roasted red pepper.

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