What's The Difference Between After Shave and After Balm?

What's The Difference Between After Shave and After Balm?

After Shave or After Balm? Tonic or Lotion? What's the difference?

Simply put, a tonic generally contains alcohol that works as an antiseptic to keep any cuts from becoming infected. It also works as a toner to close pores and tighten the skin (splashing your face with cold water post-shave will also close your pores). Typically an after shave tonic has a stronger fragrance, which appeals to men who want a subtle scent without using cologne. Many men with sensitive skin avoid an after shave tonic because they worry that it may itch or burn (think Home Alone). However, irritation can be avoided by choosing an after shave lotion which has no alcohol. After shave lotion is especially beneficial to those who suffer from dry skin or razor bumps because it hydrates and soothes the skin. Lotion has a more subtle fragrance than tonic, so it is less likely to conflict with cologne. It is also preferred by men who prefer to avoid fragrances on their faces.


The After Shave Tonic we carry from Crown Shaving Co. contains Bay Rum which is known for its moisturizing and astringent properties, helping your facial pores to close up, killing pimple-causing bacteria, aiding with dryness, and sealing cracks. Barber's Talc is known for reducing razor burns and skin shine, leaving the face smooth to touch.

The Soothing After Shave Lotion is a light non oily, non-greasy lotion that penetrates the skin quickly to calm and sooth newly shaven skin. The Glycerin calms and hydrates the skin while the Witch Hazel reduces skin inflammation and itching. The Jojoba oil prevents dryness and chapping while the Black Willowbark extract produces a calming sensation.

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