Getting Acquainted

Getting Acquainted

I am extremely delighted to welcome you to Muddy George. I’ve spent the last nine years in the corporate world, so other than working at BiWay for a couple years when I was in high school, I have no industry or retail experience. However, I have always been very passionate about fashion and have always had an entrepreneurial spirit about me. I always said that I would open up a store if I won the lottery, which I don't play, so it was never a real consideration, until recently after being pushed by my girlfriend. 

Shown Above - Camel Overcoat, Black Italian Twill Chino & Black Herringbone Ball Cap by Outclass Attire

From the inception, the idea behind Muddy George was always to source extremely well made, wearable and effortlessly timeless clothing from brands who share the same passion for quality, while nurturing the awareness and appreciation of goods locally. I hope you’ll be pleased with the selection of goods being offered.

Shown Above - The Latte Caramel Duffle by Woolfell

I searched the city for the ideal location and ultimately selected Bloor and Dovercourt (Bloorcourt Village) for its diversity, variety of shops, great sense of community and proximity to great Portuguese food! The stores environment is warm and welcoming yet very simple as the clothing is the main attraction. We’ve been working diligently over the last 10 months, getting ready for the launch and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you!


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Yours Sincerely, Muddy George

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