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Long-Weekend Necessities

Whether you’re heading away on a break or packing for a over-night wedding, your luggage matters. We've noted a few necessities below that you should consider packing, whatever it is your doing.

Woolfell - Black Leather Duffle: Not only do you want to transport your belongings in something stylish, but it needs to stand up to the trials of modern travelling – think lugging it onto trains, throwing it into a car trunk or squeezing it into overhead luggage compartments. The Black Leather Duffle from Montreal's Woolfell is both compact enough for tight squeezes, but big enough (30 L) for multiple outfits.

Muttonhead - Mountain Hoodie Waterproof Zip: Having a great Spring layering option is essential to combating weird changes in weather. Whether it's a cold breeze or a sudden downpour, the Muttonhead Mountain Zip combats the rain with its waterproof outer shell and combats the wind with its fleece-lined interior. Great for watching the stars around the campfire.

 Fred Perry - Textured Knit V-Neck Sweater: Another great layering option is the Fred Perry V-Neck Sweater. Pair it over a button-down shirt (see below) for more of a prep look if you're going out to dinner. It works equally well over a t-shirt for a more casual look. If it gets too hot, throw it over your shoulders or tie it around your waist (very European ;)

18 Waits - Living Dead Neuwrith Shirt: The Neuwrith shirt is perfect for any occasion. Whether you want to wear it untucked/unbuttoned, tucked/buttoned or untucked/unbottoned, the tailored fit keeps you looking put together, even tough you may not be. 

Outclass - French Terry Shorts: These soft, Toronto milled lightweight French terry shorts are the perfect companion whether you're hanging out around the docks or exploring a new city. They're so comfortable you'll likely spend the entire weekend in them.

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