Introducing Bon Vivant

Introducing Bon Vivant

As a Torontonian, I'm definitely envious of Montreal. Don't get me wrong, I love Toronto but Montreal is such a great city with such a great vibe. Compared to Toronto, Montreal has an edgier fashion sense (in my opinion), which I admire. Luckily it's not that far of a drive from Toronto so I try to make it there at least once a year. A new label doing their thing in the Plateau district of Montreal is Bon Vivant. Bon Vivant, which refers to someone who enjoys the finer things in life, is the in-house line of their namesake store (formally called Boutique Alibi) and is made in Quebec. Muddy George is proud to be the exclusive stockist of Bon Vivant outside of Montreal. Shop the collection here.

It all started when owner Jean-Mathieu Vincent set out to create the perfect button-down shirt. Paying very close attention to the details - what kind of buttons are used, how big the collar is, the pockets, where it drops to - Bon Vivant has been meticulously designed to fit the modern man - slim and simple, no fuss. In addition to the fit, Jean-Mat collaborates with Japanese fabric mills to create exquisite cloth that suit the tastes of the everyday man.

Recently the line has expanded into chinos, shorts, tees and other accessories. According to Jean-Mat, Bon Vivant is "for the guy who is getting older, but who still wants to wear, not necessarily funky, but something different. He cares about quality and fit.” 

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