New Arrivals - Portuguese Flannel SS16

New Arrivals - Portuguese Flannel SS16

Those Portuguese shirt masters are back with their Spring/Summer arrivals. While Portuguese Flannel is widely known for the softest and warmest fabrics, their variety & playfulness are diversified throughout the year to provide sublime shirting for SS16...these shirts will make you yearn for those sunny warm days (probably more than you already are). Shop the full collection here.

The Insightful Valley collection pays tribute to the Portuguese Cork - the precious and versatile vegetable tissue known as cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus suber or as the Portuguese call it sobreiro).

Cork (cortiça) is most easily stripped off the tree in late spring and summer when the cells are turgid and fragile and tear without being damaged. The tree quickly forms new layers of cork and restores its protective barrier. No tree is cut down. This simple fact makes cork harvesting exceptionally sustainable, leading to a unique balance between people and nature.


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