Marvis - Toothpaste - Wonders of the World - Royal

Toothpaste - Wonders of the World - Royal

Marvis' limited edition 'Wonders of the World' toothpaste collection is inspired by a round-the-globe trip. It's comprised of three exotic formulations, 'Karakum', 'Royal' and 'Rambas' - all made in Italy - that'll shake up your morning routine or make a fitting gift for anyone suffering from wanderlust.

Inspired by an elegant, luxurious trip on the Orient Express, Royal toothpaste’s unique flavor combines zesty Italian lemon oil, tangerines, fragrant rose extract and nutmeg, enhanced with Marvis’ signature fresh mint. The rich, creamy toothpaste tingles in your mouth and helps prevent tooth decay, tartar and plaque for a healthy, sparkling, bright smile and long-lasting fresh breath.

  • Limited Edition
  • Flouride-free, gluten-free, vegan, paraben- and phthalate-free.
  • Prevents Decay & Fights Tartar & Plaque
  • 75 ml
  • Made in Italy