Stretch Ankle Trousers - Olive Drab

Stretch Ankle Trousers - Olive Drab

This Stretch Ankle Trouser has an elastic feel due to threads comprised of cotton yarn surrounding a polyurethane core. This trousers can be worn in various situations even during the height of summer. Loosely fitted around the thigh area, the silhouette tapers towards the hem. The cuff on the hem are created using a tucked concealed seam that requires a highly skilled hand, and helps maintain its stylish silhouette. The rubber behind the waist makes it easy to wear while the waist expands and contracts about 4 inches.

  • Stretch cotton jersey
  • Zip waist
  • J waist band
  • Two open front patch pockets
  • Two rear pockets with buttons
  • Product no. JM4002
  • 95% Cotton, 5% Polyurethane
  • Made in Japan

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Also available in Black.