Crosscut Handloom Shirt - Indigo Dyed
Crosscut Handloom Shirt - Indigo Dyed
Crosscut Handloom Shirt - Indigo Dyed
Crosscut Handloom Shirt - Indigo Dyed
Crosscut Handloom Shirt - Indigo Dyed

Crosscut Handloom Shirt - Indigo Dyed

One of 3sixteen's longest running styles, the Crosscut is the quintessential 3sixteen
shirt. It features their trademark crossed back yoke, angled pocket flaps and
enamel-coated metal buttons that will patina and chip over time. The fabric, loomed by hand exclusively for 3sixteen by a century-old textile mill in India,
 almost looks like a military ripstop at first glance. The weave has varying fiber thickness which results in the appearance of small crosshatches and boxes that give the shirt a unique hand feel. The tightness of the weave also varies; in certain spots, you can visibly recognize the fibers and in others it’s incredibly dense. The final product is something that could never be replicated by machine - incredibly soft and breathable. See more details about the fabric below.

  • Hand loomed fabric
  • Natural indigo dyed
  • Crossed back yoke
  • White enamel coated metal buttons
  • Asymmetrical pocket flaps
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in India

Fabric: First, soft cotton is spun into irregular yarns with varying thicknesses. Next, the yarns for the shirt are hand dyed in natural indigo vats - the slubby yarns take the indigo on in different amounts, leading to a beautiful variance in colour. Then, fabric is loomed on traditional wooden handlooms by skilled artisans into a grid-like fabric that’s reminiscent of military ripstop fabric. Because of the multiple points of artisan hand done work, every yard of fabric is unique and we’re thrilled with the end result. The chatter and irregularity of the handlooms is something we’ve long appreciated but never been able to achieve with modern power looms. The variance in indigo colour is something that’s only possible with hand dyed yarns, and once these indigo yarns are run through the handlooms we see further depth and inconsistency of colour emerging. Put two of these shirts side by side and you’ll see that each one has its own unique spirit.

After finishing, each shirt is given a garment rinse to eliminate major shrinkage, soften the fabric, and further bring out the pops of indigo. We felt that the shirt really comes alive after this wash too: the fabric develops a cushy hand that almost feels like a waffle knit thermal, but with much more ventilation. We then finish the shirts with our enamel-coated metal buttons that start off in a uniform cream color but will chip and age as the shirt is worn and washed further by the wearer, ensuring that this garment will continue to change over the next few years. All in all, we’re left with a shirt that’s like nothing we’ve been able to achieve before.