Hollow Tree - 1871 - Prospector Candle
Hollow Tree

1871 - Prospector Candle

A wild interlude, the klondike, far enough away to be romantic and just close enough to be accessible, the prospector would set out to travel through the peaks and valleys of British Columbia, across the glaciers of the Yukon, trekking through the trails of the White Pass, meandering the icy streams of the Mackenzie Mountains seeking the last frontier, Dawson City. Where the mountains are nameless and the woods loom with shadows, and the rivers run with gold. The Prospector seeks adventure, yearns to explore, as she is drawn to the call of the wild. 

  • Fragrance notes: Bay leaves, Juniper, Balsam resin, Oakmoss
  • 9.17 oz / 260 g
  • Made with 100% premium coconut wax; cotton wick
  • Plant distilled, non-synthetic oils from Grasse, France
  • Clean burning for 60 hours
  • Recycled/able candle box Included
  • Made in Whistler, B.C., Canada

The 1871 series scents evoke hues of musk dipped in bourbon, wrapped in the resinous mahogany and santal, saturated in cloves of cinnamon, and whispering hints of bergamot soaked with the splendour of tobacco and patchouli. This series is inspired by the era of pioneers and prospectors. 1871 is when BC joined Confederation. Ushered in by our second Premier; Amor de Cosmos and that is why we have the Railroad to the Pacific. Splendour Without Diminishment.

The jars are ceramic and do not have a glaze, therefore they are porous and can be repurposed with plants, stationary or can be broken down to aerate soil in garden plants.