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0605-IM "GOING TO BATTLE" 15.7oz Indigo × Mint Blue Selvedge Denim - Natural Tapered

0605-IM "GOING TO BATTLE" 15.7oz Indigo × Mint Blue Selvedge Denim - Natural Tapered

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The 0605-IM from MOMOTARO is inspired by the Japanese belief that Mint Blue represents the virtuous and refreshing spirit of the beholder. Momotaro takes this concept to their denim to truly bring us something new! Made using the brand's original 15.7oz fabric - sanforized (washed once) for immediate wear - this pair utilizes 'Mint Blue' coloured sulphur, the overall denim has an amazing vibrant colour (but not too vibrant). The strong contrast between the two colourways will only develop into a nicer look with time. With wear, you'll see some incredible, high-contrast fades with a strong vertical texture. The fabric is stiff and rigid and widely praised for its fading colour and character. This weight is considered just hardy enough, but not so hardy they take ages to break in. The denim is made entirely from Zimbabwe cotton and has a smooth yet hairy surface. Loaded with signature MOMOTARO details, like their pink selvedge and inseam, both of which serve as an homage to the peach in the original "Momotaro" folktale. The classic 'Going to Batle' stripes have been colour match in a cool, mint blue ink. This adds some tasteful contrast and a subtle shift from the standard pure white GTB stripes. 

MOMOTARO's "Natural Tapered" fit is a roomy fit in the top block with a healthy taper from the knee down. The denim has a high rise, roomy thighs, and a strong taper.

  • 15.7oz Zimbabwe cotton
  • One wash fabric (sanforized)
  • Discharge printed mint blue "GTB" double stripes in the right back pocket
  • Pink selvedge, representing the peach from the "Momotaro" folklore story
  • Grand indigo thread-dyed warp x 'Mint Blue' sulphur thread-dyed weft
  • Pink inseam thread
  • Custom branded natural leather patch
  • Custom engraved iron buttons
  • Button fly
  • Filled belt loops
  • Jacquard pocket lining
  • Chain stitched hems and waistband
  • Copper custom engraved pocket rivets (hidden on back)
  • 34.5" Inseam
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Japan

Important Note: Every denim product will lose colour. This is due to the special indigo dying process. After several washes, the losing of colour will be less and will stop over time. Some helpful advise:

    • When washing, close the zipper and fasten all buttons and always turn the jeans inside out. Wash separately. When drying, hang the jeans (preferabbly in shade) inside out and let the jeans dry naturally.
    • Pay attention when you sit on light surfaces
    • Be careful with wearing light clothes (i.e. underwear). Body warmth may cause denim to fade out
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