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INTRODUCING Harley of Scotland

Established in 1929 by Peter Harley Buchan – great-grandfather and grandfather of the current owners – Harley of Scotland’s factory is still located on the original factory site, originally herring fish yards. The company originally began knitting traditional fisherman’s hosiery socks to the local marketplace.

As a young fisherman, Peter Harley Buchan was inspired by the unique symbolism of the patterns of the Fair Isle sweaters he saw Northern Isles fishermen. Using Shetland wool, he later went on to produce beautiful Fair Isle knitwear using the beautiful melanges of colour, pattern and texture. These garments were inspired by the sea, the spectacular coastline and represented our local culture and heritage.

Today, Harley of Scotland are market leaders in seam free whole garment knitwear. With a heritage anchored in fair isle knitting techniques, Harley garments are inspired by the local landscapes and culture of the North-East and Northern Isles of Scotland and built around four core values.

QUALITY MANUFACTURE: Throughout yarn selection, garment design, manufacturing processes and attention to detail, their focus is always on the highest quality and producing finest Scottish knitwear available.

NATURAL FIBRES: With an emphasis on natural fibres, they work with the finest Scottish and Italian yarns available on the market. From their classic Supersoft Shetland sourced and spun locally in Aberdeenshire, through their superfine Lambswool to the finest Scottish Cashmere. All yarns selected are carefully tested and graded for our quality sweaters and created for the demands of their highly discerning customers.

PROVENANCE: Their knitwear is made with care in Scotland and they carefully source all their yarns according to their quality and sustainability standards. They care about the environment and the ethical sourcing of their raw materials.

ZERO WASTE: Seam-free whole garment knitting means their knitwear is knitted flatbed tubular “in the round” and cast off the machines as a complete sweater. They are proud to offer their knitwear to market with zero waste.


Collection Review - KESTIN FW21 - Colourcraft

Bernat Klein’s rich and varied work continues to supply Kestin Hare with endless inspiration. The Kestin FW21 collection is titled Colourcraft (named after Klein’s original Ltd company). Living and working in the Scottish Borders from 1951 until 2014, the infamous Serbian designer Klein was a visionary colourist – he treated colour as being a language and something that could express human emotions in different ways to words.
The very beginning of Kestin's design process has always been colour; the colour palette sets the tone and informs all fabric choices and then filters down into the design of the garments. Kestin takes inspiration from Scotland’s natural landscapes, buildings and artists, and weave them into their collections, connecting them to their home. 

 “Klein's work and approach to life continues to inspire me and my team. Like me, he used the natural landscapes from Scotland as a key inspiration for colour. He saw the benefits in being liberal with expressing yourself, both in terms of design and colour and medium. That idea of never restricting yourself appeals to me, constantly learning and pushing to create newness." Creative Director, Kestin Hare.

AW21 references colours from Klein’s abstract paintings, textiles and the iconic Peter Womersley architecture and interiors of Klein’s studio and home High Sunderland. Natural tones of peat, sand and forest green reference the natural surroundings, are spliced with architectural-inspired stone, camel and charcoal, and spliced with bright pops of survival orange, cobalt blue and ochre. 

Crieff Wool Fleece Windbreaker - Winter White


Albam Utility

Albam is now a staple in our extensive list of brands. Recently, the brand has introduced a new capsule collection, entitled Albam Utility, that explores their view on contemporary workwear and is built around a core of perennial workwear staples.


 The capsule will be a collection of workwear styles, built around core pieces that are key in the modern workers wardrobe. Designed in London, developed and finessed with their factories in Scotland, Portugal and Turkey - a collection that will stand up to the rigours of the daily grind.

Styles will be regular to loose fitting and built to last. The collection is for people interested in utilitarian design who are in search of a fresh view on workwear and clothes built with a purpose - but really, anyone or any age.