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Collection Review - Kestin Hare SS19 - A Summer On Speyside

The new SS19 collection from Kestin Hare, A Summer on Speyside, tells the story of childhood summer holidays spent around this unspoilt area in North East Scotland which is known for its world famous whisky distilleries and fly fishing.

The Scottish countryside-inspired collection is focused on functionality using water resistant fabrics and details influenced by golfing and fishing attire. The colour palette is made up of soft tones of golden sand, peat, grass green and navy with deckchair stripes and rip stop nylons. Illustrated thistle and abstract whisky cask prints on technical fabrics challenge the preconceptions of traditional Scottish design.


picture c/o @anthonyylee_

Kestin Hare has developed a Limited Edition collection with references drawn from the Ben Riach Whisky Distillery. Hare has teamed up with Scottish mill, Halley Stevensons, to develop traditional peat dyed and garment dyed products, referencing the three classic distillations and unique colours of aged Ben Riach whisky.


“Lazy days with nothing much to do apart from outdoor adventures and fly fishing with my dad on some of the finest beats on the River Spey. Speyside is filled with epic scenery and world-famous whisky distilleries. I wanted to bring in those functional elements of country attire but update them and make clothes that you can wear every day. We shot the campaign up at the BenRiach Distillery, the copper stills, the mash tuns, the warehouses with all the casks - it was an amazing experience. Bringing the whisky element into the collection made so much sense to me, it’s all about weaving in the references and challenging the preconceptions of Scottish design."

Kestin Hare – Founder and Creative Director

White In Summer

When it comes to style, sometimes less really is more. As much as bright colours and vivid prints have their place in every man’s warm-weather wardrobe, the power of taking a minimal approach should not be underestimated. Much of the popularity of wearing white is down to its clean, fresh and contemporary feel. Sometimes – while everyone else is busy making statements with eye-catching hues and clashing patterns – all it takes is a neutral ensemble to set a man apart from his peers.


Of course wearing white does have a potential to be a catastrophe. To keep your white attire stain-free and looking its best, it may sound obvious, but it’s best to avoid certain foods and drinks when sporting white-on-white. If you do have a marinara-related mishap, the worst thing you can do is let the stain dry. Wet the affected area and, as soon as you can, plunge the stained garment into warm water with a scoop of stain removing agent. Leave it to soak for six hours, cross your fingers, and then wash the garment as you normally would. Wash whites separately.  


If you're opting to go for white-on-white, the key to crafting a stylish single colour look is to create clear separation between each piece. The easiest way to do this is by mixing up your shades. There is no rule that states you must stick to pure white here – hues such as off-white, cream, ivory, eggshell and light beige complement white perfectly and will help create that subtle definition we desire. Similarly, you can differentiate through texture.


If you're keeping your look sharp, key pieces you should be looking to invest in are pieces that can be combined with everything you have in your wardrobe, making them a solid addition to your separates collection. You can pair a linen shirt under a blazer, or a lightweight short-sleeve shirt under a think sweater. 


If you're keeping your look more casual, keep it simple with a relaxed yet structured t-shirt. A white t-shirt paired with light jeans and white sneakers is an easy look to pull off. Or pair a colourful tee with a pair of white shorts to for the perfect wear-weather look.

The Bomber Jacket

Originally created for military pilots, the Bomber jacket, also known as the Flight jacket and very close cousin to the Varsity jacket, has gone on to become a bona-fide menswear classic and a modern-day must-own for any style-conscious gent. Comfortable, cool and effortless, the outerwear silhouette has been adopted by casual wear lovers for generations, still holding its own as a fashion staple to this very day. From high-end to high street, the bomber continues to be revived and reinvented season upon season, with little sign of stopping. For this Fall/Winter season, we have four equally sharp yet cosmetically different choices to cover all the bases.

Outclass - Bomber Jacket - Olive & Black


When that colder weather sets in, a bomber jacket may not be the most obvious choice to layer over formalwear, but it can look just as sharp as a blazer during the summer. If you want the smart bomber look, team your jacket with a crisp white shirt, slim-cut chinos and a pair of loafers/monk-straps for a dress-down look. Don't be afraid to pair a Bomber with a tie as well. The zipper or buttons should blend in and pockets remain empty of anything other than your hands. Stick to minimal collar and cuffs that echo the jacket’s body. But above all else, never do it all the way up. You need to spot the shirt and tie below to tilt your look towards the formal.

Dangerfield - Cashmere/Wool Varsity Bomber Jacket - Black

Born out of the American school system, the varsity jacket has gone on to cement its rightful place within the wardrobes of men worldwide. Traditionally, this silhouette features a wool torso, button fastening, ribbed cuffs and waistband, contrast leather sleeves and a boxy fit – yet the modern industry definition isn’t so rigid. Sidestep all preppy and Ivy League connotations by combining your modern varsity jacket with simple casual staples – think slim-cut chinos, selvedge denim, sneakers and neutral T-shirts.

STILL BY HAND - Wool Zip-Up Rib Blouson Jacket - Charcoal

One of the jacket’s many strengths is undoubtedly the breadth of versions designers can offer, and therefore are available at many price points. Men looking for an alternative to a blazer have quickly realized that a simple bomber shape in suede looks grown-up, expensive and goes with pretty much everything else in their wardrobe. Put simply, the bomber is season-less, ageless and adaptable to all manner of fabrics. If you aren't sure how to style it, when in doubt, go minimal. 

3sixteen - Stadium Jacket - Black

Introducing STILL BY HAND

STILL BY HAND - as its name suggests - is a brand that prides itself on the handmade nature of its products. Projecting a unique, minimalist aesthetic, STILL BY HAND'S garments are understated and versatile enough to fit seamlessly into any wardrobe, but on closer inspection are elevated by their meticulous details.


Founded in 2009 by designer Yusuke Yanagi, STILL BY HAND grounds itself in the belief that garments are born out of the hands of the artisans who make them. Yanagi desires to produce clothing that gives the customer a sense of the craftsmanship and ingenuity of a garment as soon as they put it on.


This idea manifests itself in both where and how STILL BY HAND makes its clothing: designed and produced in Japan, the collection makes use of a combination of traditional and technical textiles, from textured wools to ThinsulateTM Ex-Soft Insulated fabric, as well as unusual details, such as a perforated seams on a knit sweater or the quilting on a vest.


How To Get Good Denim Fades (with Pictures)

All of the denim we sell are considered "raw" as the denim has not been subject to any pre-wash processes (i.e. distressing). As such, it's up to the wearer to break them in and achieve the distressing themselves. Granted this process is challenging and time consuming but they look substantially better if done correctly. Success or failure comes down to what you do before you wash your jeans, how you wash them, and what you do after the first wash.

CT-100x - Classic Tapered 14.5oz Indigo Selvedge

note, cut is not the Classic Tapered, but fabric is the same


Raw denim is usually pretty stiff and rigid. We recommend giving your jeans a quick soak in the bathtub before you start wearing them. This will help remove most of the starch and soften the fabric. Even though some argue that rinsed jeans won’t wear in as well as dry ones, the rinse will make your jeans last longer.

  1. Turn your jeans inside out.
  2. Fill your sink/tub with lukewarm water.
  3. Use something to keep the jeans submerged.
  4. Let the jeans soak for an hour or two. You might see a slight colour change of the water. This is completely normal and a result of starch (and a tiny bit of indigo) being washed out.
  5. After the soak, hang your jeans to dry in the shower or outside if the weather allows it.

JB0404 12.5oz African Selvedge Denim - Tapered

After the pre-soak, wear your jeans as much as possible – preferably for several months – before you wash them for the first time in the washing machine. The more you wear your jeans, the more distinct wear patterns you will achieve.

Several months of intense wear will cause the denim to wear in some areas more than others. Especially in areas with a lot of friction, for example, cuffs, crotch, knees and pockets.

JB0601 14.8oz US Selvedge Denim - High Tapered same fabric as (JB0401 - Tapered)


Certain "denim heads" would argue that you shouldn't wash denim at all, but given the (un)sanitary issues that could impact the strength of the denim, we recommend moderate washing to ensure your jeans last for a long time. To ensure the best results, here are three simple steps to ensure your denim is washed correctly:

  1. Close the zipper and fasten all buttons. Turn the jeans inside out. This helps to protect against losing shape as well as minimizes any scratches on the washing machine.
  2. Put in the detergent and turn on the washing machine. Please don't use fluorescent whitening agents and do not wash with whites.
  3. Hang the jeans inside out and let them dry naturally. It's recommended to dry the jeans in the shade (avoid sunlight while drying). Avoid direct heat (drying/tumble dry) as this causes shrinkage of both the jeans and leather patch.

JBCD0463 13.5oz Côte d'Ivoire Selvedge Denim - Tapered


After the first wash, your jeans will be less dirt repellent. To go for months between each washes might be unrealistic. But, you should wear your jeans as much as possible between washes.

JB0706 14oz Zimbabwe x Memphis Selvedge Denim - Tight Straight


note, cut is not the Straight Tight, but fabric is the same

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