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Winter Essentials

The temperature is hovering around 0 degrees, the days are getting shorter, and it won’t be much longer before we’re three feet deep in snow and slush. But you’re probably not too worried because you have a parka? Well here are a few other items to get your through those cold and wet days ahead.

Muttonhead Waterproof Camping Hoodie - This shop favourite is lined with a super soft fleece so not only will it keep you dry, it will keep you warm too. This can be worn as a jacket on those warmer fall days but also doubles as a great layering piece in the winter, under your parka.

Woolfell Warrior Backpack & Messenger Bag - There are going to be instances when you’re stuck outside, probably during your daily commute to work or school. In order to protect all of your supplies and devices from the elements, you’re going to need a durable, weatherproof bag. Montreal's Woolfell uses a 10 oz. waterproof cotton canvas on their bags, including the Warrior Backpack and Messenger Bag.


Upstate Stock Beanie - Ragg wool is naturally water repellent and wicks snow away. And wouldn't you know it, the beanies (and gloves/mittens) from Upstate Stock are made of heavy weight  double layer ragg wool. 

Steele & Co. Face Cream - The dry climates that come with the winter blasts can really mess with your skin, causing it to dry out, crack, and just look flat-out bad. Available in two scents (Frankincense and Rosewood), the Steele & Co. face cream uses a base of Vitamin C Esters, Vitamin E, and organic extracts to create a moisturizer that helps resist the wear and tear that your skin is exposed to during the dry winter days.

Brennan Michael Scented Candle - There will be those days when it's just to cold to go outside. All you want to do is stay home, wrap yourself in a blanket and watch TV. While you might be able to stay at home, you still might have to get work done. Boost your productivity with strong, pleasing aromas while you work or relax with friends. Available in four scents.

FW15 Looks - Outerwear

There may not be a more timeless yet statement piece in a man's wardrobe than the camel overcoat. It can be worn in formal situations over a suit yet it looks equally as good dressed down with jeans and a t-shirt. In our latest LOOKS, we've showcased it somewhere in between formal and casual, pairing it with navy as well as some accessories.

Outclass - Camel Overcoat - This Overcoat is made with a thick melton wool body and lined with a soft, flannel fabric that features a distinctive multicolour, herringbone check pattern. Canadian-made kasha fabric lines the sleeves and allows for ease of movement of the arms, while the soft flannel underside provides added warmth. Other subtle design details include brown herringbone wool under the collar and side pocket flaps, single welt breast pocket and brown corozo nut buttons.

18 Waits - The Slims Casual Trousers - These pants, also available in Forest Green and Camel, are perfect for dressing up or dressing down. If you're feeling a littler adventurous, you can roll them up to reveal the taped seams. Other clean design details include double welt back pockets, angled front pockets and a front welt coin pocket.

18 Waits - Neuwirth Shirt - The devil is in the details with this shirt. The fit is slim and expertly tailored and the styling is clean. With hidden collar & cuff buttons this shirt always looks put together…even when you aren’t.

Anderson's Light Brown Calf's Leather BeltThis vegetable tanned light brown leather belt from Anderson's is made in Parma, Italy from premium quality calf's leather. The solid brass buckle is in a English silver finish. Each individual belt is hand finished and polished by expert craftsmen.

Woolfell - Olive Barrel Bag - This handmade in Montreal bag features 10 oz. waterproof canvas with antique brass and brown leather detailing, including the straps. It's also fully padded with foam so your belongings will be safe and sound.

Anonymous Ism Indigo Beacon Crew Socks - These cotton blend socks feature an all over woven design and are finished off with a ribbed cuff.

Liel and Lentz - Tiger's Eye x2 - This double bracelet features 6mm Tiger's Eye stone and 6mm Ebony wood, with a .925 silver accent.

4 Fall/Winter Ready Shirts

We'd all love to be sitting on a patio sipping a cold beverage or on a beach drinking from a coconut, but the reality of living in Canada is that we have 4 seasons. Each season brings its own challenges from a style perspective but when the winds pick up in fall and the temperatures hit the negatives in winter, there are a few shirts we always reach for. Here's our guide to 4 shirts to get you through to Spring.

1. The Flannel Shirt - Most people associate a flannel shirt with the manliest of men - a fully bearded lumberjack hacking down a giant tree while chugging a beer. Which is weird because in reality, flannel, if done right, is one of the softest and warmest materials around. That softness comes from fine metal brushes running over the fabric to create a 'nap'. Flannel's warmth comes from the lifted material trapping air and heat, making it the ideal counter to plunging temps. No one, and we mean NO ONE does flannel like the Portuguese. Specifically, Portuguese Flannel, a family run business now in its 4th generation, headed up by two brothers. The Lordelo features a navy and green check pattern, making it the perfect colour palette for Fall.

2. The Henley - A Henley is characterized by a longer placket beneath the round neckline, usually having 2-5 buttons. Essentially a collarless polo shirt, it gets its name from the traditional uniform of rowers in the English town of Henley-on-Thames. Henley's can come in a variety of materials, including wool, cotton and thermals. They are a great laying option as they can be worn over any button-down shirt but is a step up from a t-shirt when worn on its own. 18 Waits makes the Harlem Henley in a very soft black French Terry material this season.

3. The Twill Shirt - Don't be fooled into thinking a Twill shirt is just a regular shirt. No, they're thicker and therefore warmer. Twill is weaved in a subtle diagonal or herringbone pattern and its threads are more densely packed, resulting in a style that’s work place-appropriate but also delivers ample insulation. 18 Waits offers their classic Neuwirth shirt in an Indigo Twill this season, with its hidden button collar and cuffs.

4. Oxford - The Oxford is a wardrobe staple if there ever was one. The name oxford comes from its weave, which has a basketweave structure and a lustrous aspect making it a popular fabric for many dress shirts. Plain Oxford or pinpoint Oxford weaves are popular as casual fabrics, so are generally used in combination with a button-down collar, while royal Oxford is versatile enough to be used on both sporty and formal shirts. Oxfords can come in a variety of weights, and in the Sprint/Summer, they tend to be lighter while in the Fall/Winter, the tend to be thicker. Outclass makes a great Fall-weight blue Oxford which features a hidden button-down collar and a welt pocket on the front.


FW15 Looks - Heavy-Weight Layers

It's cold. Not freezing cold, but cold enough to start thinking about thicker layers. When the temps hit the low teens, we layer up with a warm flannel shirt and flannel-lined wool-blend shirt jacket.

18 Waits - Rivington Weekender - Grey/Cream Wool Herringbone - This particular shirt-jacket from 18 Waits features side seam pockets to keep your hands warm. Shirt-jackets like this one (also available in black) can be worn as outerwear or as a layering piece that your parka goes over. It's super versatile and is wearable for Fall, Winter and Spring.

Portuguese Flannel - Vitoria - Fine metal brushes are run over the fabric to create a 'nap', which gives the material its softness. Beyond texture, the lifted material traps air and heat, making it the ideal counter to plunging temps.

Edwin - Skinny Stretch - Raw State - These jeans are made from Rainbow x Red/White Selvage Denim exclusively produced by the famous Japanese denim mill, Nihon Mempu. Selvedge denim is woven or knot so that they will not fray, ravel or better quality!

DW Leatherworks - Belt Loop Key Hook - Brown - The Belt Loop Key Hook is made of heavyweight bridle leather from Wickett & Craig that and can be fit onto 2" duty belts. Features a brass clip that will take any type of keys you have and a snap button for easy closure.

Anderson's - Calf Leather Belt - Brown - This vegetable tanned brown leather belt from Anderson's is made in Parma, Italy from premium quality calfs leather. Each individual belt is hand finished and polished by expert craftsmen.